Ranking Rules (revised in feb '19)

*NEW for 2019: The only way to sign-up or extend your BTA U.S. Ranking is to become a BTA Member. Visit BTA Website for details

  • The BTA U.S. enrollment secures your spot in the BTA U.S. ranking system and makes you eligible to qualify for the annual Beach Tennis Association United States Championship.

  • The top five (5) ranked BTA U.S. Men's and Women's open players will receive free entry for the Open Championship.

  • 100% of enrollment fees go to supporting our national and regional beach tennis organizers, partners, maintaining this website and national ranking system.

  • By signing up for your BTA U.S. Ranking, we show strength in numbers to current and potential sponsors, organizations, players and spectators that Beach Tennis is growing and relevant in the United States.

***The 2019 BTA U.S. Championship and will be on November 2-3:  Prize money(TBD)  and  prizes***

Help grow Beach Tennis on a National level. 

BTA U.S. Ranking Rules

  • You do not have to be a U.S. citizen or resident to be enroll.  Enrollment is good for one (1)  year from date of sign up.

  • To Qualify for the BTA U.S Championship, a player must play in two (2) BTA U.S. Ranking Events within the U.S.  The time period for those 2 tournaments has to fall between BTA U.S. Championships.

  • A player must be current on annual dues and in good standing, for tournament play, to be eligible for BTA U.S. ranking points and to qualify for the BTA U.S. Championship.    

  • By joining the BTA U.S. Ranking system, all players agree to the governing BTA Code of Conduct and disciplinary measures. (The BTA Code of Conduct is not meant to replace or supersede any Beach Tennis organization's or federation's own rules and regulations. It is a supplement and minimum set of standards.) 

The BTA U.S. follows the same ranking points structure as the IFBT. IFBT Tournament Classifications are equated as follows:

  • BTA : USA-1 = IFBT: W-0 (World Championships)

  • BTA: USA-2 = IFBT: WCT (World Cup Tour)

  • BTA: USA-3 = IFBT: CONT (Continental Championships)

  • BTA: USA-4 = IFBT: NAT PRO (National Championships)

  • BTA: USA-5 = IFBT: NAT (National Championships)

  • BTA: USA-6 = IFBT: OPEN-1 (Int’l Open Series)

  • BTA: USA-7 = IFBT: OPEN-2 (Int’l Open Series)

  • BTA: USA-8 = IFBT: ADV (Int’l Advanced)

ITF Beach Tennis Tournament Classifications are equated as follows:

  • BTA: USA-1 = ITF: World Championships

  • BTA: USA-2 = ITF: World Team Championships

  • BTA: USA-3 = ITF: $50,000/$35,000+H

  • BTA: USA-4 = ITF: $25,000/$15,000+H

  • BTA: USA-5 = ITF: $10,000

  • BTA: USA-6 = ITF: $6,500

  • BTA: USA-7 = ITF: $2,500

  • BTA: USA-8 = ITF: Non prize money