Ranking Rules (revised in feb '18)

All players in good standing and who meet the qualifications will be invited to play in the annual BTA U.S. Open Championship.

All BTA U.S. partner tournaments held in the 50 United States will qualify a player for national ranking points.  BTA, IFBT & ITF Beach Tennis tournament classification and points are explained below.

BTA U.S. Player ranking points are only accumulated for Beach Tennis Tournaments played in the United States. Each beach tennis organization will be responsible for submitting tournament results to the BTA in order for their respective players to be credited with ranking points. Any discrepancy or dispute will be resolved by the members organization and the final determination will be submitted to the BTA for clarification.

A players ranking is calculated using their best seven (7) tournament results in the previous fifteen (15) months.

To qualify for the BTA U.S.  Championship a player must play in two (2) BTA U.S. Ranking tournaments within the U.S.. The time period for those 2 tournaments has to fall between BTA U.S. Championships. For example, If the 1st BTA U.S. Championship is on 26-29 October 2017 and the next BTA U.S Championship is 3-4 November 2018, a player has to play in at least 2 tournaments between those dates.

The BTA U.S. follows the same ranking points structure as the IFBT. IFBT Tournament Classifications are equated as follows:

  • BTA : USA-1 = IFBT: W-0 (World Championships)
  • BTA: USA-2 = IFBT: WCT (World Cup Tour)
  • BTA: USA-3 = IFBT: CONT (Continental Championships)
  • BTA: USA-4 = IFBT: NAT PRO (National Championships)
  • BTA: USA-5 = IFBT: NAT (National Championships)
  • BTA: USA-6 = IFBT: OPEN-1 (Int’l Open Series)
  • BTA: USA-7 = IFBT: OPEN-2 (Int’l Open Series)
  • BTA: USA-8 = IFBT: ADV (Int’l Advanced)

ITF Beach Tennis Tournament Classifications are equated as follows:

  • BTA: USA-1 = ITF: World Championships
  • BTA: USA-2 = ITF: World Team Championships
  • BTA: USA-3 = ITF: $50,000/$35,000+H
  • BTA: USA-4 = ITF: $25,000/$15,000+H
  • BTA: USA-5 = ITF: $10,000
  • BTA: USA-6 = ITF: $6,500
  • BTA: USA-7 = ITF: $2,500
  • BTA: USA-8 = ITF: Non prize money